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Whether it's the start of a new academic year? Transitioning into secondary education? Or it might just be a motivational boost that your young folks need?  Inspire Yu talks engage the audience, inspire and motivate young people to push through limitations, develop resilience and remain focussed on their own well-being, achievement and attainment.

Sometime young people just need a bit of a boost!


Inspire Yu inspirational and motivational talks are composed to inspire young people to aspire to their greatness, discover who they really are and to understand that nothing can stop them from achieving their goals…unless “they” let them!

I’ve worked as a Mechanical Engineer Project Manager, gone on to teach Engineering at FE level, where I was also a personal coach. I’ve had the opportunity to meet my childhood sporting hero’s working at the 2012 London Olympics and since gone on to start my own business – Inspire Yu Ltd.  I started by penning a self-help eBook, then went on to write, develop and publish the #yuinmind development course, designed and created the online infrastructure to support it all.  ​I’ve transcended social and economic barriers to exceed my own expectations and now I want to give something back to those who'd benefit the most – the next generation.

None of this was easy! On my journey I’ve made mistakes, failed miserably, lacked the confidence, skills & finances necessary. I've come up against limitations in my own mind and with those external to me. That said, I've also achieved some really great things and learnt alot along the way too.

The important thing is... I never gave up - on myself or my dream and I want to share with young people what I’ve learnt on my journey and how young people can make their own voice louder than the one in their head.  So they too can overcome the odds and turn their dreams into reality.

Success and achievement are available to all of us – it’s just a matter of knowing we deserve it…and being resilient on the journey!


I want young people to know that it isn’t where you start out or end up in life that's important. But what you learn and who you become on the way that's is.
Inspire Yu inspirational talks...and workshops aim to do just that.
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