Inspire Yu services are designed to support the emotional health, well-being and development of young people, as they transition through adolescence into adulthood. 

By recognising that as-well as academic achievement; self-awareness, being confident, asserting oneself when necessary, knowing the role that emotions play

and understanding how to maintain positive well-being; are all important factors

that contribute to "how good" young people feel....and "how well" they do - in

all aspects of life.

Developing personal & transferable skills help support young people's emotional health and the fulfilment of their potential...whatever that potential is.  


Click each of the Inspire Yu services below & discover how I can inspire your young people.

#yuinmind - An online development course for teens

Is an engaging 8 unit fully inclusive PSHE course; with supporting activities, teacher’s notes and a scheme of work. All designed with the needs of young people and teachers in mind. Ideal for upper KS2 & KS3 aged students.

Download interactive and engaging PSHE worksheets.

Inspire Yu worksheets support young people to become more self-aware and reflect on who they are and what's important to them and support teachers by saving time!

Inspirational and Motivational Speaking.

Inspire Yu talks help build confidence and inspire young folks to love, accept themselves and be the best they can be...regardless of where they start out!

FREE Positive Affirmation Videos on YouTube.

Positive affirmations are exactly what they say on the tin! They're deliberate positive statements; if repeated often enough for long enough...can help young people to believe statements that are FAR more encouraging, supportive and beneficial to positive health and well-being!

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